Online Notes on Macroeconomics

If you are in research and interested in macroeconomics then it would be helpful for you. Access these online notes at free of cost and get the maximum out of it.

Various models:
Willem Buiter (Cambridge), Lectures on Really Useful Ad Hoc Macroeconomics
John Driscoll (Fed), Lecture Notes in Macroeconomics
Brian Krauth (Simon Fraser), Macroeconomic Theory

Roland Meeks (Oxford), Economic Growth
Gregor Smith (Queen’s), Macroeconomics Lecture Notes
Paul Söderlind (St Gallen), Macro II
Stephen Williamson (WUSTL), Notes on Macroeconomic Theory 

Recursive (dynamic programming) treatments and dynamic methods:
Chris Edmond (NYU), Advanced Macroeconomic Techniques
Jeremy Greenwood (Rochester), Lecture Notes on Dynamic Competitive Analysis
Nezih Guner (Penn State), Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
Lars-Peter Hansen (Chicago) / Thomas Sargent (NYU), Recursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economies
Lars-Peter Hansen (Chicago) / Thomas Sargent (NYU), Robustness

John Hassler (Stockholm U), Math II (Dynamic Systems)
Christopher House (Michigan), Macroeconomics II
David Kendrick (Texas), Stochastic Control for Economic Models

Miles Kimball (Michigan), Advanced Mathematical Methods for Macroeconomics .doc
Ian King (Auckland), A Simple Introduction to Dynamic Programming in Macroeconomic Models
Paul Klein (Western Ontario), Solving the Growth Model by Linearizing the Euler Equations
Dirk Krüger (Frankfurt), Macroeconomic Theory
Dirk Krüger (Frankfurt), Quantitative Macroeconomics: An Introduction

Per Krusell (Princeton), Lecture Notes for Macroeconomics I
Lars Ljungqvist (SSE) / Thomas Sargent (NYU), Recursive Macroeconomic Theory
Rody Manuelli (Wisconsin), Notes on Discrete Time Economic Models: The Growth Model
Rody Manuelli (Wisconsin), Topics in Macroeconomics: An Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
Maurice Obstfeld (Berkeley), Dynamic Optimization in Continuous-Time Economic Models I & II
Nicola Pavoni (University College), Notes on Dynamic Methods in Macroeconomics
Shouyong Shi (Toronto), Macro Theory I
John Stachurski (Melbourne), Stochastic Economic Dynamics
Nancy Stokey (Chicago), Brownian Models in Economics
Stijn Van Nieuwenburg (NYU) / Pierre-Olivier Weill (NYU), Exercises in Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

Randall Wright (Penn), Macroeconomics



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