Software Guide

Statistical and econometrics software are integral part of research analysis in economics.  Here we have some guide
Matlab: Matlab is a mathematical software, any type of mathematical problem can be solved including any types of dynamic optimization.
Ian Cavers (UBC), An Introductory Guide to Matlab
Paul Fackler (North Carolina State), Matlab Primer
Edward Neuman (Southern Illinois University), Matlab Tutorials
Christian Roessler (Melbourne), Matlab Basics
Kermit Sigmon (Florida), Matlab Primer
Kermit Sigmon (Florida), Matlab Tutorial
Matlab Summary and Tutorial at Florida

Marc Nerlove (Maryland), Notes on GAUSS
Felix Ritchie (Trig Consulting), Guide to Programming in GAUSS
Mark Watson (
Princeton), GAUSS Basics
GAUSS 5.0 User Guide at Aptech

Stata: Econometric software. if you know theory then this software is a good one to solve a problem step by step.
Robert Yaffee (NYU), Getting Started with STATA for MS Windows: A Brief Introduction
STATA Tutorial at Princeton

Latex: this is basically to write thesis. to arrange graphs, tables, footnote and bibliography this is the best thesis writing software.
Peter Flynn (Silmaril Consultants), A Beginner’s Introduction to Typesetting with LaTex


One thought on “Software Guide

  1. MTutorial le maximum de tutoriaux plus un max de categories : photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, php, … Votre guide vers les meilleurs tutoriaux du web avec toutes les definitions.

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