Papers on Development Economics

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Here we have some recent papers on development Economics

  1. Aid Volatility and Poverty Traps

    Pierre-Richard Agénor; Joshua Aizenman

  2. Vertical industry relations, spillovers and productivity: Evidence from Chilean plants

    Ricardo Lopez; Jens Suedekum

  3. VAT, Tariffs, and Withholding: Border Taxes and Informality in Developing Countries

    Michael Keen

  4. ROSCA Participation in Benin: A Commitment Issue

    Olivier Dagnelie; Philippe LeMay-Boucher

  5. Corruption and Democracy

    Michael T. Rock

  6. Insurance for the Poor: The Case of Informal Insurance Groups in Benin

    Philippe LeMay-Boucher

  7. Informal Sector, Income Inequality and Economic Development

    Prabir C. Bhattacharya

  8. Determinants of Tax Revenue Efforts in Developing Countries

    Abhijit Sen Gupta

  9. Monetary Policy Rules for Managing Aid Surges in Africa

    Edward F. Buffie; Christopher Adam; Catherine A. Pattillo; Stephen A. O’Connell

  10. Reasonable Expectations and the First Millennium Development Goal: How Much Can Aid Achieve?

    Carl-Johan Dalgaard; Lennart Erickson

  11. Institutional Infrastructure to Support ‘Super Growth’ in Kenya: Governance Thresholds, Reversion Rates and Economic Development

    Mwangi S. Kimenyi

  12. Life Cycle Savings, Bequest, and the Diminishing Impact of Scale on Growth

    Carl-Johan Dalgaard; Martin Kaae Jensen


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