Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics(Free online book & Stat Tool)(Corrected links)

Richard Lowry is the owner of this beautiful website. this website provides online resources and tools. this site provides an online statistics book which is useful to clear the basic concepts and to understand it better one can use online tool provided by this site. Chapters of the book are here. to go to th page click here

  1. Principles of Measurement
  2. Distributions
  3. Introduction to Correlation & Regression 3a. Partial Correlation 3b. Rank-Order Correlation
  4. A First Glance at the Question of Statistical SignificanceAppendix: Sampling Distributions of rAppendix: Test for the Significance of r
  5. Basic Concepts of Probability Appendix: Exact Binomial Probability Calculator
  6. Introduction to Probability Sampling Distributions Appendix: Binomial Sampling Distribution Generator Appendix: z to P Calculator
  7. Tests of Statistical Significance: Three Overarching Concepts
  8. Chi-Square Procedures for the Analysis of Categorical Frequency Data Appendix: Chi-Square Sampling Distribution Generator 8a. The Fisher Exact Probability Test
  9. Introduction to Procedures Involving Sample Means Appendix: Sampling Distributions of t
  10. t-Procedures for Estimating the Mean of a Population
  11. t-Test for Two Independent Samples 11a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
    11a. The Mann-Whitney Test
  12. t-Test for Two Correlated Samples 12a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
    11a. The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test
  13. Conceptual Introduction to the Analysis of Variance Appendix: Sampling Distributions of F
  14. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples 14a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
    14a. The Kruskal-Wallis Test
  15. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Correlated Samples 15a. Non-Parametric Alternative:
    15a. The Friedman Test
  16. Two-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples
  17. One-Way Analysis of Covariance for Independent Samples


A. Table of the Unit Normal Distribution
B. Critical Values of Chi-Square

C. Critical Values of t

D. Critical Values of F


and here is the link to use online stat tools named utility.


4 thoughts on “Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics(Free online book & Stat Tool)(Corrected links)

  1. Find the difference between the assessment of classroom teachers and school heads on the instructional performance of the teacher using the data below. Formulate the hypothesis and interpret the result. Test the hypothesis at 0.5 level of significance with the critical value 2.18

    indicators teachers School heads
    1 4.00 3.69
    2 3.66 3.77
    3 3.85 3.54
    4 3.81 3.62
    5 3.93 3.77
    6 4.08 3.61
    7 3.99 3.69

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