Few New Papers on Game theory. Hope these papers might help you.

Games of Capacities: A (Close) Look to Nash Equilibria

Antonio Romero-Medina; Matteo Triossi

  1. Reputation Effects

    George J. Mailath

  2. Slightly Altruistic Equilibria in Normal Form Games

    Giuseppe De Marco; Jacqueline Morgan

  3. A corrigendum to “Games with imperfectly observable actions in continuous time”

    Hashimoto, Tadashi

  4. Games of strategic complementarities: An application to bayesian games

    Vives, Xavier

  5. Language, meaning and games: a model of communication, coordination and evolution

    Stefano Demichelis; Jörgen W. Weibull

  6. A short note on joint welfare maximization assumptions

    Dritan Osmani; Richard S.J. Tol

  7. Toward Farsightedly Stable International Environmental Agreements, Part two

    Dritan Osmani; Richard S.J. Tol

  8. Risk Exchange as a Market or Production Game

    Borglin, Anders; Flåm, Sjur

  9. How much is a friend worth?: directed altruism and enforced reciprocity in social networks

    Stephen Leider; Markus M. Möbius; Tanya Rosenblat; Quoc-Anh Do

NB: From next post we will put new article on research page.


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