Student Handouts on Using Excel in Economics Projects

David Allen, University of the West of England, Bristol, wrote this “Using Excel in your economics assignments” guide from his 3rd year course.  It makes extensive use of screen shots and word art to take students through the stages of preparing graphs for incorporation in a report.


  1. To introduce you to the use of Excel spreadsheets to plot and analyse time series data.
  2. Demonstrate how diagrams can be created in Word using the drawing features found in this software.


  1. Importing data from a Word table in to an Excel file
  2. Plotting time series data using Excel’s chart wizard
  3. Formatting a data plot (the Excel chart)
  4. Creating a duplicate data plot
  5. Transferring an Excel chart to a Word document
  6. From time series data create a scatter plot and fit a trend line (line of best fit)
  7. Creating a diagram in Word using ‘Insert Object’

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