The Offshoring of Engineering ( Books Download)

The Offshoring of Engineering:

Facts, Unknowns, and Potential Implications

Committee on the Offshoring of Engineering
Authoring Organizations

Published by NAP


The engineering enterprise is a pillar of U.S. national and homeland security, economic vitality, and innovation. But many engineering tasks can now be performed anywhere in the world. The emergence of offshoring the transfer of work from the United States to affiliated and unaffiliated entities abroad has raised concerns about the impacts of globalization.

The Offshoring of Engineering helps to answer many questions about the scope, composition, and motivation for offshoring and considers the implications for the future of U.S. engineering practice, labor markets, education, and research. This book examines trends and impacts from a broad perspective and in six specific industries software, semiconductors, personal computer manufacturing, construction engineering and services, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals.

The Offshoring of Engineering will be of great interest to engineers, engineering professors and deans, and policy makers, as well as people outside the engineering community who are concerned with sustaining and strengthening U.S. engineering capabilities in support of homeland security, economic vitality, and innovation.

PDF Summary
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Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-x
Executive Summary 1-4 (skim)
Part I: Consensus Report, 1 Introduction 5-9 (skim)
2 Offshoring and Engineering: The Knowledge Base and Issues 10-19 (skim)
3 Effects of Offshoring on Specific Industries 20-32 (skim)
4 Workshop Findings and Discussion 33-41 (skim)
Additional Reading 42-44 (skim)
Part II: Commissioned Papers and Workshop Presentations, Commissioned Papers, Implications of Globalization for Software Engineering–Rafiq Dossani and Martin Kenney 45-48 (skim)
Implications of Globalization for Software Engineering–Rafiq Dossani and Martin Kenney 49-68 (skim)
The Changing Nature of Engineering in the Automotive Industry–John Moavenzadeh 69-102 (skim)
Offshoring in the Pharmaceutical Industry–Mridula Pore, Yu Pu, Lakshman Pernenkil, and Charles L. Cooney 103-124 (skim)
Impact of Globalization and Offshoring on Engineering Employment in the Personal Computing Industry–Jason Dedrick and Kenneth L. Kraemer 125-136 (skim)
Offshoring of Engineering Services in the Construction Industry–John I. Messner 137-148 (skim)
Semiconductor Engineers in a Global Economy–Clair Brown and Greg Linden 149-178 (skim)
Workshop Presentations, Implications of Offshoring for Engineering Management and Engineering Education–Anne Stevens 179-183 (skim)
An Academic Perspective on the Globalization of Engineering–Charles M. Vest 184-190 (skim)
Keynote Talk on the Globalization of Engineering–Robert Galvin 191-194 (skim)
Software-Related Offshoring–Alfred Z. Spector 195-201 (skim)
Implications of Offshoring for the Engineering Workforce and Profession–Ralph Wyndrum 202-208 (skim)
Industry Trends in Engineering Offshoring–Vivek Wadhwa 209-212 (skim)
Offshoring in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry–Theodore S. Rappaport 213-218 (skim)
Appendix A: Workshop Agenda 219-222 (skim)
Appendix B: Workshop Participants 223-228 (skim)
Appendix C: Biographical Information 229-230 (skim)

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