Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications

Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications

Charles F. Manski and Daniel L. McFadden, Editors

Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1981

Front Material [ front_matter.pdf, 0.29MB] or
                       [, 0.93MB]
  • Title Page and Copyright Information
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
Editors' Introduction [ ed_intro.pdf, 0.43MB] or 
                                   [, 1.3MB]


  1. Alternative Estimators and Sample Designs for Discrete Choice Analysis, Charles F. Manski and Daniel McFadden [ ch1.pdf, 1.8MB] or [, 5.8MB]
  2. Efficient Estimation of Discrete-Choice Models, Stephen R. Cosslett [ ch2.pdf, 2.1MB] or [, 6.8MB]
  3. Statistical Models for Discrete Panel Data, James J. Heckman [ ch3.pdf, 2.7MB] or [, 8.7MB]
  4. The Incidental Parameters Problem and the Problem of Initial Condition in Estimating a Discrete Time-Discrete Data Stochastic Process, James J. Heckman [ ch4.pdf, 0.7MB] or [, 2.2MB]
  5. Structural Discrete Probability Models Derived from Theories of Choice, Daniel McFadden [ ch5.pdf, 2.7MB] or [, 8.5MB]
  6. Random versus Fixed Coefficient Quantal Choice Models, Gregory W. Fischer and Daniel Nagin [ ch6.pdf, 1.2MB] or [, 3.8MB]
  7. On the Use of Simulated Frequencies to Approximate Choice Probabilities, Steven R. Lerman and Charles F. Manski [ ch7.pdf, 0.66MB] or [, 2.1MB]
  8. Application of a Continuous Spatial Choice Logit Model, Moshe Ben-Akiva and Thawat Watanatada [ ch8.pdf, 0.79MB] or [, 2.4MB]
  9. Simultaneous Equations Models with Discrete and Censored Variables, Lung-Fei Lee [ ch9.pdf, 0.64MB] or [ ch9ps.Z, 2.08MB]
  10. Stratification on Endogenous Variables and Estimation: The Gary Income Maintenance Experiment, Jerry A. Hausman and David A. Wise [ ch10.pdf, 1MB] or [, 3.18MB]
  11. A Switching Simultaneous Equations Model of Physician Behavior in Ontario, Dale J. Poirier [ ch11.pdf, 1.1MB] or [, 3.5MB]
  12. Constrained on the Parameters in Simultaneous Tobit and Probit Models, Peter Schmidt [ ch12.pdf, 0.46MB] or [, 1.49MB]
  13. Estimating Credit Constraints by Switching Regressions, Robert B. Avery [ ch13.pdf, 1.6MB] or [, 5MB]

Index [ index.pdf, 0.99MB] or [, 0.608MB]


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