General Statistical Open Source

General Statistical OSS

  • The R Project is an OSS tool under GNU for statistical analysis
  • GGobi is an OSS data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data
  • GNUPlot is a portable command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility, in use by INSEE
  • Dashboard is a free software written by Jochen Jesinghaus of the JRC in ISPR to visualise complex indices and their relations
  • iPlots is a package for the R-project which provides high interaction statistical graphics, written in Java
  • Mondrian is an advanced statistical data-visualization system written in JAVA, with the main emphasis on for Categorical Data, Geographical Data and Large Datasets
  • Demetra is the single interface in which the two seasonal adjustment methods Tramo/Seats and X-12-Arima are implemented. It facilitates the application of these modern time series techniques to large-scale sets of time seriesin the explicit consideration of the needs of production units in statistical institutes New 30-Jan-2007
  • Gretl is a cross-platform software package for econometric analysis, written in the C programming language. New 30-Jan-2007
  • τ-ARGUS is a software program designed to protect statistical tables, while µ-ARGUS is a software program designed to create safe micro-data files. They are both results of the CASC-project New 30-Jan-2007
  • Ploticus is a free non-interactive software package for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data; developed in a Unix/C environment and running on various Unix, Linux, and win32 systems. Ploticus is good for automated or just-in-time graph generation, handles date and time data, and has basic statistical capabilities. It produces a wide range of full-colour charts. Ploticus is script-driven, though for many uses scripts don’t need to be written because so-called prefabs (see ploticus prefab ) exist. Ploticus has the following limitations: scant support for mathematical formulas and scientific notations; binary data cannot be plotted with Ploticus; files cannot be read directly from MySQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, etc. (though Ploticus graphs can be exported into PowerPoint, Word, etc.) New 16-Mar-2007
  • AutoClass C is an unsupervised Bayesian classification system that seeks a maximum posterior probability classification and thus aims to discover the ‘natural’ classes in the data. It can use mixed discrete and real valued data. Cases have probabilistic class membership. Autoclass allows correlation between attributes within a class and predicts “test” case class memberships from a “training” classification. AutoClass C is limited by memory requirements that are roughly in proportion to the number of data, times the number of attributes (the data space); plus the number of classes, times number of modeled attributes (the model space); plus a fixed program space.Autoclass has some limitations with regard to handling very large data sets (processing time might become excessive). New 16-Mar-2007
  • Dap is a small statistics and graphics package, based on C, licensed under GPL (version 2 or later ones). It provides core methods of data management, analysis, and graphics commonly used in statistical consulting practice. Using DAP requires familiarity with basic C syntax. As of Version 3.0, DAP can read SAS programs, thereby freeing the user from having to learn any C at all. The manual contains a brief introduction to the C syntax needed for C-style programming for Dap. Because Dap processes files one line at a time, rather than reading entire files into memory, it can be, and has been, used on data sets that have many lines and/or many variables. New 16-Apr-2007
  • MCSim is a simulation and statistical inference tool for algebraic or differential equation systems,licensed under GPL (version 2 or later). It was created specifically to perform Monte Carlo analyses in an optimized, and easy to maintain environment. MCSim is a simulation package, written in C, which allows to design statistical or simulation models (eventually dynamic, via ODEs), perform Monte Carlo stochastic simulations, and Bayesian inference through Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations New 16-Apr-2007

Data Transmission Tools

  • The RDRMES Toolbox was created on behalf of EEG6 WG 4
  • GENEDI is a tool to create GESMES messages
  • The freeware POLYVAL is a popular GESMES and GESMES/TS tool
  • Another useful GESMES tool is the ECB Checker

Software for Primary Data Collection

  • Chiba is an Open Source Java Implementation of the W3C XForms standard


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