The Global Enabling Trade Report 2010

This report is published by World Economic Forum

Singapore and Hong Kong SAR continue to occupy the top two positions followed by Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland in the The Global Enabling Trade Report 2010, released today by the World Economic Forum. New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Luxembourg and the Netherlands complete the top-10 list. Among the large economies, Germany is the best performer at 13th, ahead of the United States, which drops by three places to 19th. China (48th) and Brazil (87th) remain stable, while Turkey (62nd), India (84th) and Russia (114th) drop in the ranking.

The results mirror the resilience against the threat of protectionism during the economic crisis. International agreements such the WTO framework and pledges by the G20 have contributed to limiting the effect of protectionist pressures on trade barriers. Despite fears of rising protectionism, the report confirms that a large majority of countries did not raise trade barriers. Launched at a time when trade volumes recover from the deepest post-war slump, the report, by identifying the obstacles to and enablers of trade across countries, can contribute to strengthening the recovery. As countries enable trade, they also provide benefits to their trade partners, thereby supporting economic growth.

Published for the third year in a row and covering 125 economies worldwide, the report presents a resource for dialogue and provides a yardstick of the extent to which economies have in place the necessary attributes for enabling trade and where improvements are most needed.

The Enabling Trade Index was developed within the context of the Forum’s Industry Partnership Programme for the Logistics and Transport sector, in close collaboration with the project’s data partners.


Contents (PDF) Preface (PDF) Overall Rankings (PDF) Full Report (PDF)


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