World Bank: Privatization Database

World Bank published this privatization data online.

This site provides information on privatization transactions of at least US$1 million in developing countries from 2000 to 2008. The site was created in response to growing demand for updated and consolidated information on privatization transactions in developing countries. Prior to this effort the most comprehensive information could be found in the World Bank’s Privatization Transactions database, which covered the years 1990 through 1999.

This data represents the best efforts of the research team, and should not be seen as a fully comprehensive resource. Some transactions have inevitably been missed. For more information on how the data was compiled, the sources that were used, and methodological issues please see the methodology page.

Download 2000-08 dataset (Excel, 288KB)
Download 1988-99 dataset (Excel, 1.15MB)

an Interactive map on privatization transactions in developing countries is also available here .

These data sets are no longer available here. you can visit to the World Bank privatization database  here


2 thoughts on “World Bank: Privatization Database

  1. I am a student studing economics. I would love the data on the privatisation to be sub divided
    into regions. If posible, include more years as far back as possible.

  2. Hi and Good day,

    I am a Ph.D student of Economics under taking research on privatization. I would be glad if i can get data (annual) as far back as 1980. Thanks for your very much anticipated effort, please.

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